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For now we accepting all Classes in future this ill be changed, if u want join us Register on Website and go to our Forums Recruitment and make application
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For now we accept all Classes. If we need specific classes you see it here
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***Welcome To Our Web Site Of The fallen Angels***

We are A guild Horde Pvp / Pve From Shadowburn Server. We are going make to large guild with your help. We are kind of some Hellguards and Dark Ruffs, this guild was created by one member of Dark Ruffnecks and we have some players from that 2 great guilds from crogges server ( for the record we are not the real Hellguards and Ruffnecks we are just wating for them someday come to shadowburn so we creat this guild with members from both guilds  )

We are a fast learning and growing guild.
We are a guild that goes for fun and good items 
We are planning to become an endgame guild later on.

First steps on Our Guild House ^^
*** First Steps Guild House ***

We having Some Fun in our first meeting on your place Guild house more Photos in Photos page Have fun TFA

***Server Info***

Experience rates:

* Kill experience - 1x

* Quest experience - 1x

* Explore experience - 1x


Rest rates:

* Rest ingame - 1x

* Rest in city - 1x

* Rest in wilderness - 1x


Skill rates:

* Blizzlike


Drop rates:

* Poor item - 1x

* Normal item - 1x

* Uncommon item - 1x

* Rare item - 1x

* Epic item - 1x

* Money - 1x


Other rates:

* Honor gain - 1x

* Reputation gain - 1x



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Server Status
Shadowburn (Default Realm)

Server Core: Shadow Emu (Based on Trinity Core)

Server Type: Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a

Realm Rates: Blizzlike 1x

Realm Type: PvP & PvE

Realm Lang: English


Population: Normal

Server Status: Online

Alliance:Horde Ratio:


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